Nationwide Credit Corporation (NCC) makes it easy for consumers to find us online and learn more about our debt collection agency. Updates from our company, important industry news, and financial resources for consumers are all available through our online platforms and social media channels. We’ve listed some great websites below where you can conveniently access information and explore more about NCC’s company culture and commitment to receivables industry best practices.

First and foremost, our website offers fast and easy access to our contact information and highlights our company and our services. Site visitors will find clear links to consumer resources, flexible payment options, FAQ, and more. We publish original content through our website blog and our social media channels to keep consumers up to date with financial and security information and to engage with our team of professional representatives.

LinkedIn showcases our company information and includes helpful links to our site, informative posts, and career opportunities. NCC was founded in 1967 in the DC metro area and has always had a strong connection with clients, consumers, and industry partners. We enjoy networking and LinkedIn provides a way for us to digitally connect with our professional partners and develop new relationships.

The Nationwide Credit Corporation Facebook page gives consumers greater insight into our great company culture. We recently featured our 2021 Best of Alexandria Award and a post about the great work we’ve been doing in our local community with organizations like New Hope Housing. Our team members are passionate about helping people and their work extends outside of assisting clients with account recovery solutions. We encourage those interested in joining the NCC team to find job postings through our website or on Indeed.

Subscribing to our YouTube Channel is a great way to learn about us firsthand. Our videos are optimized to fit the size of the user’s screen, making them accessible from anywhere through any device- smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Watch videos that give you an intro to our company or other helpful tips.

NCC is listed in business directories from the Better Business Bureau, Dun and Bradstreet, ZoomInfo, and Bloomberg. We are proud of the reputation that we have developed through our devotion to delivering services and results that are second to none. The NCC team is equally proud to have long standing relationships with receivables industry partners. We belong to RMAI, AAHAM, HFMA, NFIB, SWaM, and other organizations that align with our company culture and initiatives.

About Nationwide Credit Corporation

Nationwide Credit Corporation (NCC) is an accounts receivable firm founded in 1967. We maintain the highest standards of quality to provide trusted and proven collection services throughout the government, utility, health care, and credit union sectors. Today, we are proud of the relationships that we have developed through our devotion to delivering services and results that are second to none. Our company is headquartered in Alexandria, VA.